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The Perk

For one email

3 Days All You Can Play Pass

  1. Food and beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) are excluded;

  2. The availability is on a first come first serve basis;

  3. Paying customers have the highest priority;

  4. The Pass is not transferable;

  5. Invite people you know and you will get One More Day Pass while they get The # Days Pass. 

As of now, we plan to get the following attractions

(in no particular order):

  1. Virtual Reality Games

  2. ESports with Viewing Area

  3. Bowling Lanes


  4. Skating Rink

  5. Games Redemption and Non-Redemption

  6. Racing Simulators

  7. Augmented Reality: Climbing wall.

  8. Virtual Reality Escape Rooms.

  9. Augmented Reality Games for Kids.

Our philosophy is to always have the best and newest attractions available.

As the industry innovate we will, as well, replace and update our attractions.